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.Netcall Broadband ADSL provides a connection to the internet that is "always on". This saves on your phone bill every month because you don't have to dial up to establish an internet connection. In addition because of the increased speed it allows the freedom to do more with your connection, like playing online games, watching movies, using online tutorials, voice over IP and listening to music.

Broadband has the capacity to save hours of time because it loads information from the internet so much more quickly than a dialup connection. For research and school work broadband is a must-have technology.

.Netcall services consist of an ADSL service to residential users that is provided via the Telstra ATM network. .Netcall provides the overall least expensive and most reliable residential service in the market place today. Our support service is second to none with our helpdesk available during the working week, and email assistance seven days a week.

Plans are available at several different speeds: see our ADSL plans page for more information.

ADSL starts at 5 times dialup speed, which is called 256/64k,

10 times dialup speed, which is called 512/128k,

and 30 times dialup speed which is called 1500/256k.

.Netcall connection includes the following:

You will receive a static IP address with your account.

All plans come with a certain amount of data you choose with your plan. Data usage is counted only one way; whichever is the greater of uploads and downloads. If uploads exceed downloads then your usage is calculated on uploads. However most time your usage will be calculated on downloads.

Secure user facilities: .Netcall customers can create and modify email addresses, check usage statistics, view invoices, update contact numbers and payment details and create and configure their personal web space from the members section of this website.

You get 15 email addresses that you can control, create and delete through a simple online control panel.
Each email account set up by the user can store up to 20 megabytes of email. The maximum email size that can be sent or received is currently 5 megabytes.
We also provide webmail access to each of those addresses so that you can access them from anywhere in the world via the .Netcall website.

A .Netcall ADSL connection has the following provided free in addition to your connection:

  • You get 60 megabytes of space to set up your own personal website. You can also control this space through a simple online control panel.
    Each web account is allocated 60 megabytes of space.
    You can automatically generate your own MySQL database and we provide PHP to allow you to create dynamic websites. Please note webspace is not supported.

  • If you are unsure of what connection speed you would like & would like to get a better understanding of what broadband is and how it can work for you.

If you know all this already you can go directly to our pricing and plans page.

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